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Additional Design Services

Additional Services

Request a Specialized Template 

For those customers seeking a specialized template or one in particular not found in our library of design options, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to work with you. 

Unfortunately, we don’t receive stock photos of every vehicle ever made. Send us your images and vehicle information via our contact us page and we will work with you on getting the appropriate measurements to scale the vehicle properly.

It’s also possible we have a custom template already built, however, we have to see your photos of the vehicle first.

We will need straight on photos, delivered in the most optimal lighting of the sides, front, and rear with the entire vehicle in the photos. You can view our vehicle templates on for reference on how the photos should look.

The cost of a custom template starts at $299.

The photos you send in will be used for the measurement diagram. If interested in a custom template, please fill out the measurement diagram we send to you, so we can scale your vehicle properly.

If any graphics exist on the vehicle, please remove those graphics before or after taking your photos. A $25 an hour fee is charged for the digital removal or retouching of graphics.

Once we have payment, good photos and measurements we will begin production on your custom template request. We will send a download link through Dropbox once the custom template is ready.

Production time is 3-6 business days, but also subject to change due to the volume of vehicle template requests we receive.

If you have any questions in regards to our custom template request procedure, please feel free to submit your questions in the form provided and someone with our design team will be in touch. You can also contact us toll-free at 855.337.9727 or email us at