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FAQS - How It All Works

Professional templates for professional wrap designers.

The Basics & Design Specifications

The Bad Wrap™ templates are made from professionally photographed and expertly sized to factory specs by a seasoned vehicle wrap designer who understands the process of getting files ready for printing.

Each vehicle template includes the following views:

Top (hood, roof, as well as the trunk on model years 2007 and up)

  • Passenger Side
  • Driver Side
  • Front
  • Rear


Each template is scaled at 720dpi at a 10% (tenth) scale for faster rendering.


We use professionally photographed images and factory specifications to create a polished product for designers to show their clients. Our attention to detail and quality has made our templates the most accurate in the marketplace. Our templates are also the only photographic templates in the world.


The Bad Wrap™ is a professional design tool, thus it has been made to work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flexi version10 or above.

The templates are designed to be used as a drag and drop tool. Simply open the template and drag your design onto the workspace, then drop it there.

The templates are already masked to alleviate questions as to where the design will fall on the vehicle. This saves you hours of prep time and allows for faster approvals.

Users must have a minimum of Adobe Photoshop CS3, Illustrator CS3, and Flexi version 10 or above. We only offer support for Photoshop. If you would like a sample template, please click our "Free Sample Template" link.

Call our office for details at 855-337-9727 or e-mail

How It Works

Our wrap templates are tenth scale, layered tiff files created in Photoshop and are not a vector. You can drag or open graphics files into the design layer on each template view and arrange them to your design specifications. You can also use the ruler tool in Photoshop or Illustrator to gain accurate measurements of flat surfaces on our templates.

For example, when measuring a vehicle door using the ruler tool in Photoshop or Illustrator, the door width may read 4.0 inches. In your head, move the decimal point one number to the right and you have a 40-inch wide door. We scale all of our templates to the manufacturer specifications of each vehicle. You can also measure your estimated print panels with the ruler tool in Photoshop or Illustrator to further refine your square footage estimates.

The templates are in the tenth scale, so while you're designing your wrap, you would use the smaller setting of the template. When you are preparing to print you can set the resolution and dimensions to full size. Here's an example, you are working on a Chevrolet Silverado pickup, the size is 20 by 9 at 720 ppi, which is the small setting, you do your design work at. To prepare your design for print on this Silverado, you would change the ppi from 720 to 72 ppi and add a zero (0) to the width and height making the full-size Silverado 200 by 90 at 72 ppi. Don't let the low resolution put you off, if the design looks good at 720 ppi, your design will look good at 72 ppi as long as high-resolution graphics are used.

We also have helpful videos on our tutorials page that show the best practices to use with The Bad Wrap vehicle templates.

If you have any additional questions in regards to how our templates work, please feel free to submit your questions in the form provided and someone with our design team will be in touch. You can also email us at or phone our office toll-free at 855.337.9727.

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